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Who we are


Mid Central Medical is an American manufacturer of medical equipment. We focus on attention to detail in every area of our business. We are commited to exceed the expectations of medical professionals across the country and around the globe.


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What we do


Manufacture medical stainless steel medical equipment and OR table accessories to enable healthcare professionals to improve patients’ lives every day, by providing quality products on time, suited to their unique needs at an affordable price.


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Our commitment


To create a positive experience for everyone that comes in contact with our company through open communication and transparency. We build a positive culture of continuous improvement in our products and service to meet the demands of the evolving healthcare market.

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"Excellent people, excellent product. Mid Central has always been reliable and a pleasure to deal with."
"When I sell Mid Central Medical product, I really sell the people and the company. Their values align with our company values."
"The safe descend feature of the mayo stand is very impressive. I can’t find it anywhere else."
"It means a lot to me to know I can order from Mid Central and they will ship the product to me or my customer right away."
"The square leg design of their tables is what I like. It is a better design and makes a great table overall."

Our Products

Mid Central Medical is an American company committed to manufacturing the highest quality medical equipment to serve the demands of America’s health care industry. This website introduces you to the wide variety of innovative products that comprise the Mid Central Medical line. We welcome any suggestions or requests for modifying our existing items or creating entirely custom made products. While we cannot promise to implement every suggestion, we do commit to taking every idea seriously, researching its possibilities and communicating our conclusion. We trust our accessibility helps both your company and ours offer the best products and service available and enhances our working relationship.


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